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American [223]
Austrian [26]
Czech [4]
Dutch [87]
English [282]
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Flemish [66]
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Hungarian [22]
Italian [12]
Japanese [63]
Norwegian [23]
Polish [1]
Portuguese [42]
Russian [187]
Scottish [7]
Spanish [73]
Swedish [14]
Swiss [1]
Turkish [1]
Ukrainian [27]
Centuries of art
This view can be used to explore the contents of PaintingDb® in a new way. You'll get sets of random images from selected centuries and nationalities. This allows quick and easy browsing through the "centuries of art".

On the left side of the screen you should see two menus. From the first you can pick the century you're interested in and from the second the nationality of the artists. Please note that from the current content of about 10.000 images there might not always be too many results. The database is still growing daily, so remember to come back and check this again!

Enjoy the fabulous works of art!

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